Pablo Neruda vs. Bongo’s Dream House

Submitted for your consideration: A comparison between Bongo’s dream house from Matt Groening’s Life in Hell, and Villa Sebastiana, Pablo Neruda’s house in Valparaiso, Chile. My working hypothesis is that Groening and Neruda own videophones with flux capacitors.

Bongo's Dream House

La Sebastiana cutaway art

Groening drew a cool car, but Neruda has the edge on functionality. They are tied for whimsy.


Car-themed postcards from the Upper Midwest

For some reason, cars just make collages better.

Postcard collage art of Michigan's Upper Peninsula and an old car

I decided that I didn't like the normal postcard that I started with, so I covered the whole thing with a map of Michigan and went from there. The text is taken from an old architecture book. Sometimes the German version of a word is better than the English version of a word.

Postcard collage art of a Dodge Challenger technical drawing

"Drowning Machines" is a colloquial term for roller dams, which are difficult for boaters to see from upriver. That's Lake Itasca and the Mississippi headwaters in the background. The mostly-hidden line of rocks marks the end of the lake and the beginning of the river. A friend's response upon seeing this: "Look at you... all post-modern and shit..."

Postcards from the Upper Midwest

Hello to all my Kickstarter project supporters! I hope you’ll forgive the dearth of earlier content on this site — this brand new and recently constructed website is in something of a gestational state right now. I’ll be using this space to post my collages, drawings, and postcards from the road this summer. Anything else you’d like to see here?

Right now I’m sitting next to a big stack of postcards that I made as part of my Kickstarter project, Greetings from the Back of My Van. I scanned a few of those postcards this morning, and want to share them here.

Collage of White lab (dog) overlooking a barge on the Mississippi

Collage of motorcycle and sidecar with old-time medical drawing

Collage of skier jumping over the Mackinac Bridge, with text reading "Rude" and "'70"

Collage of buff surfer and scruffy, bearded hiker with binoculars in front of Chapel Rock, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Collage of singer in front of Minnesota "UFFDA!" license plate, with caption "Legendary Vittles"

Postcard collage showing many different views of the Duluth shipping canal's famous lift bridge.

Collage of yellow bird in front of Effigy Mounds National Monument, with many arrows saying "Did you know?"

Collage of old-time miner with pickaxe in front of Lake Superior, with text reading "Make Your Own Coolant-Recovery System"

Collage of a very intense looking bird in front of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, with text reading "Called a tycoon, answered to Dad."

Collage of yellow dump truck in front of a bear in a pond, with text reading "Adaptation Blueprint Minnesota," and a caption on conservation resource planning