Here is a third-person bio that I recently submitted in advance of an interview I gave:

Mike Campbell is an artist, writer, and former marketing director of a small scientific software company. After spending the better part of his twenties behind a desk, he’s now touring the country on a road trip with his dog. He recently launched a Kickstarter project called “Greetings from the Back of My Van,” a simple project with the goal of sending hand-made postcards and letters to people all over the world. Mike Campbell is a graduate of Reed College in Portland, Oregon, and he describes himself as a 6’2″, moderately well-adjusted human adult. His two greatest concerns are social justice and his transmission.

Not surprisingly, the interviewer opted not to use my bio. You can contact me at the address below.

Molecular graphics collage

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Out ‘n about other day heard part of interview on IPR…had to check out site…fantastic…what a cool idea! Kudos!!!

  2. Hi Mike, just found today your blog 🙂 any social media to get in contact? With my wife Mel we also live fulltime from 3 years in our Westy, traveling in Europe and working as digital nomads. Hope to get in touch with you.
    Safe travel

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