Art by mail: We were cool, inside and out

Message on postcard:

Hello Ehren! I hope you had a good summer. I sure did. My summer stretched into October. I saw some impressive wildlife this last month of my travels. Back in July I was attacked by a wild pig. I’ve avoided writing much about it, because I’m not yet sure how to tell the story, and thinking back on it causes me no small amount of anxiety. In fact, large quadrupeds in general now cause me to tense up.

So my time at Hart Mountain National Antelope Reserve was interesting. My first full day there I saw a herd at a distance, cresting over a ridge and then disappearing into a valley. It was neat. My last day there I hiked out to a place called Petroglyph Lake, where there were maybe fifty antelope milling around the lake, grazing and drinking water. I kept my distance.

On the hike back, a group of about five antelope sped past me on the right, then crossed the path about a hundred meters in front of me. They joined up with another couple antelope ahead and to my left, and together the seven of them took off. The whole time I was envisioning the antelope getting territorial and aggressive, which wasn’t really a reasonable fear, so I tried to relax and enjoy the scene for what it was, even if I did have my hand on my knife while the dogs freaked out.

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