Postcard: So damn busy

Postcard of a lazy hillbilly fishing while a crow steals his moonshine and a pig sleeps on his belly.

Text of postcard to Flink. At the top is an illustration showing how salamanders locomote.

Message on postcard:
On my to-do list for today is the task “clean desk”. This postcard is one of the items on my desk, so by writing something to you and sending it off in the mail, it’s like I’m being productive and responsible. I bought a big stack of these postcards in 2006 when I saw them —

Oops. Steve just showed up to give a drum lesson to my roommate Tony, and I sorta got sidetracked mid-sentence there. Anyway … I saw these postcards in the airport in Iowa and I bought a big stack and this is the last one. I don’t think I’ve sent one to you yet, so I’m sending it now.

Things in Portland are okay. I’m building my first grown-up website right now — by that I mean something more than a vanilla WordPress install — and it’s been fun and challenging and rewarding, and the best antidote to depression that I know aside from exercising and taking actual medication. Ever play so much Tetris that you dream about it? Apparently that’s a somewhat common phenomenon. I’m dreaming about computer problems lately. Good stuff.

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