Found on mantle: A postcard

I’m housesitting for my friend Tom while he honeymoons. There’s a postcard of mine on the mantle above the fireplace. I sent it to him shy of a year ago. I enjoyed re-reading the message, so I thought I’d post it here.

Llama in front of the Andes

Message on postcard:
Yo! TW! What’s up my homeslice! Greetings from Santiago, Chile. I fly home tomorrow. Most of my time here was spent making friends with the llama you see on this postcard. His name is Scruffy Sweaters, Junior. But don’t be fooled. His cute name hides a tragic past. During The Cosby Show‘s broadcast run, over 5,000 llamas were cruelly exploited to provide raw wardrobe materials for the program’s eponymous star. But today with your help we’re changing things. Friends used only 200 llamas during its last three seasons, and today New Yankee Workshop is the first TV show to be certified llama safe. Will you support our valuable work?