Average Man

Postcard collage of a glum-looking man in front of industrial backdrop, with text that says "Average Man" Reverse side of postcard, with lots of text, and a picture of a cut of meat

Message on postcard:Detail of text from reverse side of postcard: "The hypothesis is based on simple math: A typical person can store about 2,500 calories of carbohydrates but carries a reservoir of perhaps 50,000 from fat."
Dear Flink: Most people don’t know this, but Friedrich Nietzsche devoted most of Thus Spoke Zarathustra to a long-winded discussion of the caloric reserves of the übermensch. According to Nietzsche, the übermensch can store ten thousand calories of carbohydrates, and ten million calories of fat. But even these numbers, inconceivable as they may seem, may be underestimates. Today, modern philosophers estimate übermensch caloric reserves at fifty million from carbohydrates, and one billion from fat.

Most artists depict the übermensch as a granary filled with butter.