Art by mail: Outdoor adventures

Message on postcard:
Hello Finn! Greetings from Oregon. I’ve been traveling the country all year with my dogs, and I’m finally finishing my trip out here in eastern Oregon. There are huge mountains, deep canyons, and flat deserts. It’s a neat place. I’m visiting it in a Vanagon, a Volkswagen van like the one your dad has. Your dad asked me to send you a postcard from my travels. So I thought I’d tell you about my dogs. Their names are Skillet and Kaida, and they’re outside the van right now, soaking up the heat in the very flat Alvord Desert. The reason it’s so flat is because it’s the bottom of an old lake that dried up. It’s a really neat place!

Skillet and Kaida both like to travel. We’ve been on the road since April of this year, and at first I was kind of nervous because Skillet gets carsick easily. But Skillet is a smart dog, and it didn’t take him long to learn that he wouldn’t get sick if he kept looking out the window. He and Kaida both like sitting in the front passenger seat. Fortunately, Kaida is very easygoing, and she lets Skillet sit right on top of her while she’s curled up and sleeping! Skillet is only two years old and pretty energetic, but Kaida is almost seven, and she’s been with me through thick and thin. She spent a month in Iowa living the easy life with my family while Skillet and I visited the Great Lakes, and that’s the longest we’ve ever been apart.

The dogs and I have had a lot of adventures this year. In June, Skillet and I visited the source of the Mississippi River, where it’s just a stream, and we waded across it. In July, Kaida saved me from a wild animal attack. My dogs are the best!

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