Car-themed postcards from the Upper Midwest

For some reason, cars just make collages better.

Postcard collage art of Michigan's Upper Peninsula and an old car

I decided that I didn't like the normal postcard that I started with, so I covered the whole thing with a map of Michigan and went from there. The text is taken from an old architecture book. Sometimes the German version of a word is better than the English version of a word.

Postcard collage art of a Dodge Challenger technical drawing

"Drowning Machines" is a colloquial term for roller dams, which are difficult for boaters to see from upriver. That's Lake Itasca and the Mississippi headwaters in the background. The mostly-hidden line of rocks marks the end of the lake and the beginning of the river. A friend's response upon seeing this: "Look at you... all post-modern and shit..."

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