North Coast, continued



Drove to a place called Usal Beach yesterday. It’s in a state park that was closed due to California budget cuts, but locals have removed the barricades and continued to camp there in spite of its official status. The road in was quite scenic, but the campground and beach had a bit of a trash-strewn, Mad Max vibe going on. So I decided to push on north and camped last night at Humboldt Redwoods State Park. The executive summary: Big trees are big. Right now I’m in Fortuna, an apparent stronghold of the West Coast’s unique hippie-but-also-redneck hybrid subculture.

Been having a fun time writing two-page letters for my Kickstarter project, getting away from collage and spending more time with pen and ink. Scanned a big bunch of postcards this morning, and will be transcribing the text this weekend.

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