Out of the hospital and walking

Hi folks — greetings from sunny Santa Rosa, California. I’m out of the hospital and walking, and just wanted to share a few pictures and give a bit of an update on what actually happened to me. On Saturday I was attacked by a wild boar in Sonoma County, and I’m lucky to still be here.

I’ll write more about the attack when things have settled down, but the short story is that I arrived in Sonoma County late on Friday night so that I could visit my family, who was in the area for my sister-in-law Kelsie’s Ironman triathlon. After I wished her good luck at 5 a.m. on Saturday morning, I was out with the dogs around dawn when we were attacked by a wild boar. Skillet was jarred but unscathed, while Kaida and I are both lucky to be alive. Both of my legs were lacerated to the bone, and I was released from the hospital just yesterday. I’m spending the next few days at a Santa Rosa hotel with my mom, who has been kind enough to prolong her stay be a few extra days in case my recovery turn shaky.

If you want to see what my legs looked like after surgery, click here. It’s not too bad, but it’s also not for the squeamish.

But as you can see from the pictures below, both Kaida and I are feeling much better.

Photo of me in a wheelchair before leaving the hospital.

I was capable of walking out — I’d already wandered across the entire hospital looking for a drawing that Charles Schulz had left behind on a wall during a stay here more than ten years ago — but the hospital staff insists on wheeling you out, presumably for liability reasons.

Photo of my dog Kaida and I recovering together after the boar attack.

Here’s Kaida and I in bed together after we were released from the animal and human hospital, respectively. She gets a warm compress on her neck that she seems to regard as a spa treatment that she deserves because she’s special.

One more thing: Charles Schulz used to live in the area, and when he stayed in the hospital in the 1990s, he left a Snoopy cartoon on one of the walls. When the hospital was remodeled, the wall was cut out and preserved behind glass. I wanted a goal to walk toward when I was first using my newly stitched-up legs, so I decided to wander the hospital until I found the drawings. I apologize for the poor quality of the cameraphone photos, but I thought I’d share what I found here. If you’re wondering what exactly is going on here, Snoopy is trying to use an incentive spirometer.

Charles Schulz Santa Rosa Hospital Drawing 01

Charles Schulz Santa Rosa Hospital Drawing 02

Charles Schulz Santa Rosa Hospital Drawing 03

Charles Schulz Santa Rosa Hospital Drawing 04

Charles Schulz Santa Rosa Hospital Drawing 05

Charles Schulz Santa Rosa Hospital Drawing 06

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  1. Oh my, just now hearing about this attack!!! I am just grateful that you and your puppers are ok now and making a full recovery. Safe travels and a big round of (((HUGS))) to you and your furbabies!

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