Subscription postcards: Big money, big pills, Bigfoot

Postcard collage: A gigantic wallet in the sky above a sunset-lit Crater Lake. Text: The word "GOOD" in large, capital letters.

Hello Erin, and happy New Year from the United States! Do you have heavy-handed sarcasm in Canada? If not, congratulations: Upon receipt of this postcard, you will be the first Canadian in possession of this awesome new art form! Your friends will be wary; try to explain how great it is. Naw, just kidding. The secret purpose of this postcard is to illustrate my belief that utility is not equivalent to moral authority. Inanimate objects can not be good or evil; moral authority is derived from the proper exercise of individual agency blah blah blah should have sent you another Bigfoot postcard.

Postcard collage: Elvis and Nixon, with the text "Our Pill-Filled Lives" and an old-style TV set.

Hello Evgeniya! Fun fact: The Elvis-Nixon photo is the most requested document from the National Archives. If we lived in a fair and just world, the most requested document would be the photo of Jimmy Carter and Johnny Cash. Cash was married to Jimmy’s cousin, June Carter. What a family reunion that would be.

Postcard collage: Bigfoot in a suit, with the text "Elect Bigfoot" and another block of text that says: "Are we sliding into a period of moral anarchy? In at least some of the arts, society seems incapable of establishing standards adequate to its own protection."

Hey Steve — remember earlier how I was telling you how I try to send postcards that appeal specifically to you? As a fellow artist, I thought you would want to be kept up to date re: our slide into moral anarchy. I am not sure if the text in this postcard refers to Bigfoot’s campaign platform, or if it’s a commentary on Bigfoot’s candidacy, or if it is a criticism of this postcard itself.

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